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General Information

Who can participate in the project?

What do the volunteers do?

Young people and adults looking to take a significant gap year;

Students seeking professional development in the areas of health or social service;

Retired people who are looking for a way to play an active role in helping others;

Anyone who has an interest in experiencing Israeli culture while making a difference in society;

Personal Support - Personal mentoring, accompanying in outdoor activities


Helping staff in group activities (professional rehabilitation workshops, crafts and leisure activities, travel)


Helping staff in daily activities (On-site daily activities and care)

General information:

Volunteers must be over 18 and up to age 60.


English intermediate or advanced level is required.


The volunteer program is five days a week, totaling 35 to 40 hours per week.


Volunteering varies from 8 to 12 months.

Volunteers' daily responsibilities vary by placement, but all placements are within the scope of social services.


No prior experience or skills in this area are required as all necessary training will take place on site.

What is offered to volunteers?

Conducted through the IB Social:


Assistance in Completing Visa Application Documentation and Placement in one of the Partner Institutions of the VOIS Program


Provided by the social institution of Israel:


Adequate accommodation (


Transportation to the workplace (if necessary)


Monthly allowance




Hebrew language course;


Two weekly days off;


Each month the volunteer earns 2 days of vacation (can be requested on a date to be agreed with the management of the institution or at the end of the project);


Certificate of participation in the voluntary project issued by the Government of Israel;

Let's make the difference?

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