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Terms and Conditions

Volunteer Placement Contract


The following terms and conditions govern the agreement entered into between IB Social, CNPJ 32.386.292/0001-39, hereinafter referred to as "IB Social", and the volunteer candidate whose details appear above and in the online application form, hereinafter referred to as "Volunteer".

  1. The Volunteer applies online through the IB Social platform, requesting a position in one of the projects coordinated by the Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs and Social Service of Israel (Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs and Social Service, Division of Overseas Volunteers).

  2. IB Social confirms that it possesses the necessary knowledge and experience to provide services in a professional manner.

  3. IB Social will facilitate the Volunteer's registration for voluntary work in Israel with both the Ministry and the institution that will accept the Volunteer.

  4. The Volunteer confirms having read and agreed to the conditions and requirements of the Social Ministry of Israel for participation in the volunteer program (available at, and is aware that such conditions may be subject to change without prior notice.

  5. The Volunteer understands that the Social Ministry of Israel program offers various institutions in different social areas for volunteer work. While the Volunteer may express a preference for a particular social activity, if availability is limited, they may be assigned to another area/institution in need of assistance.

  6. IB Social does not guarantee acceptance of the Volunteer's requests for an Israeli visa and/or for voluntary work by Israeli authorities or any institution.

  7. IB Social commits to assisting the Volunteer in correctly completing the necessary documentation for the application of a visa and for voluntary work with Israeli authorities.

  8. The Volunteer acknowledges that IB Social is not responsible for ensuring compliance with any obligations of the Ministry and/or the Institution in relation to the Volunteer.

  9. The Volunteer is aware that missionary activities (preaching of any religion) are illegal in Israel and commits to adhering to all applicable Israeli laws. Non-compliance will result in immediate dismissal, potentially leading to the Volunteer's departure or repatriation at their own expense.

  10. The Volunteer understands that certain behaviors, such as drug use, excessive drinking, and physical, mental, or sexual abuse, may result in immediate dismissal and possible repatriation at the Volunteer's expense.

  11. The Volunteer confirms having been informed about the obligation to obtain Israeli health insurance covering COVID-19 for the entire period of volunteering. The insurance will be issued solely by IB Social's team through an accredited and authorized provider approved by the Social Ministry of Israel. Failure to obtain insurance will result in non-acceptance of the Volunteer.

  12. The total duration of the project is 8 to 12 months, as previously agreed upon before the Volunteer's departure for Israel. The Volunteer must arrange their return trip to their country of origin before the established deadline, and applying for visas with purposes other than voluntary work will not be possible. In case of non-compliance, there may be communication with local authorities and an immediate request for departure from the country.

Cancellation and Refund Policy

The following cancellation and refund terms apply to the Volunteer Placement Agreement ("Contract") between IB Social and the Volunteer:

  1. The Volunteer has the right to cancel the Contract at any time by providing written notice to IB Social (including via email). In such a case, the Volunteer will not be entitled to a refund of the administrative fee.

  2. IB Social has the right to cancel the Contract under the following circumstances, and the Volunteer will not have any demands or claims against IB Social, except for receiving the appropriate full or partial refund, depending on the stage of the process:

    2.1 If IB Social is unable to secure a placement for the Volunteer within 6 months from the date of document submission, taking into account the chosen start date.

  3. The visa department of the Israeli Ministry of Interior reserves the right to request additional documents at any time to demonstrate the applicant's ties to their country of origin and to ensure that the Volunteer does not intend to reside in Israel after the volunteer period. The Ministry of Interior also has the right to approve or deny a volunteer visa application. In case of denial or lack of approval, no refund will be provided.

  4. If the Volunteer fails to provide IB Social with all complete and correctly filled out documentation as per instructions, leaves documents pending, or fails to provide additional documents when requested, exceeding the pre-established deadline set by the coordination, they will not be entitled to a refund.

  5. In cases where the Volunteer's placement has been arranged, visa applied for and issued, but there is withdrawal or inability to participate for reasons unrelated to the Volunteer, no refund will be provided. If the Volunteer is interested in future participation, a new application, documentation, and fee payment must be arranged.

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